With my company, I help people and organizations across the globe to apply Bitsing in their lives to seamlessly and impressively effective achieve their goals – no matter how successful they already are - in the areas that matter most: revenue and positive financial return for organizations, employment growth, performance, personal income, careers, work-life balance. 

It’s impossible for me to help everyone personally. As my way of introducing everyone to the Bitsing method I wrote the book 'Bitsing. Guarantees for Growth' - which became a #1 bestseller, and recently published my new book 'The Seven Laws of Guaranteed Growth', which has now been sold in more than 172 countries.

I’m proud to help all those to reach their goals in their lives and businesses through my books, live events, masterclasses, personal coaching. I lecture on Bitsing in the European Master's program, at several universities. The uniqueness and strength of Bitsing has been awarded the highest level of accreditation (MBA/Master Program) by the EU Dept. of Education.

I’ve been fortunate to work with everyone. In multinationals to start-ups. How special is it to provide valuable insights for CEOs, financial, commercial, marketing, sales, communication directors/managers, business owners, entrepreneurs and students, with a method that everyone understands?

I owned several companies myself. A treasure trove filled with unbeatable experience. I have seen it all, lost & won. I won almost all global awards in the business industry. But my most precious ‘award’ is that Bitsing have become a brand that is leader in its category: reaching goals!