My Background

For over 25 years my drive has been making the complexity of goal achievement - childishly easy. As a result of my search I’ve been honored to discover Bitsing. The World’s first scientifically validated management method that guarantees success. I know, it sounds too good to be true. And yet it is demonstrated in practice every day.

Recent Book: The Seven Laws of Guaranteed Growth

Businesses are on the lookout for the one methodology that singlehandedly helps to achieve their goals, and definitively address issues such as “what needs to done” and “which activities to avoid”. With BITSING, a scientifically proven methodology, one is able to predict results by using facts in order to be 100% certain of achieving goals. This book enables factual insight into (positive) financial returns, in advance of executing strategies accordingly. BITSING can be applied by the biggest multinational to the smallest startup.

Organic growth is the most successful strategy for increasing turnover

In recent years many businesses have relied on cost saving programmes to preserve or improve profit. However, as more companies now approach maximum cost-reduction levels a policy shift towards increased turnover is becoming apparent. Companies such as BMW, Fiat, Tata Steel, BASF and many others are introducing programmes aimed at restoring turnover growth.

Does your organisation comply to the seven rules of guaranteed growth?

During the process of studying all BITSING-activities, a distinct group of organizations was able to hit their targets time and time again, seemingly without effort. Some amongst them grew exponentially, sometimes up to the magic level of 300%. They were all found to have 7 ‘things’ in common.